Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Give The Eagle His Wind

Oh, my god, you wouldn't believe the amazing feeling I had today.

Baby, you know you always do, but I just gotta share this new one.

I was catching my bus at college to go home, and it's pretty windy today; has been so since yesterday, but that's ending tomorrow on Thursday. Anyways, I'm wearing my hoodie jacket, and the wind is blowing in my direction, and the wind makes my hood expand and stuff. You cannot believe how good that felt, the cold air blowing around my face. I wanted to cry out my eagle cry. And it was even better since my college is located right on the moutains that hold the vast ocean on the other side, and with forrests in the middle and more mountains.

I thought to myself: is this how I'll feel like all the time when I fly? Because I really wanna get out there and just live nature!

Even when I got back to the lowlands to walk home, the wind was still there with me, calling for me. The mountains in the distance.

I need my wind, baby.


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