Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Follow The Rules. Why Don't They?

Despite having a good day, and even though today was kind of an exception, I'm really, really upset with the bus system right now. Let me explain what's going on.

Basically until 11 in the morning one bus goes from the bus station to my college, and takes the same route in reverse while dropping and picking up passangers to the bus station. But then at around 11 is when it starts to change. Oh, and this has been going on for weeks; this is this first time they started this system. Now one bus drops off students, but doesn't take anyone else to the station after dropping off its students at my college, so we gotta wait for another bus to get us in a few mintues. And these past few weeks, the bus that's supposed to come get us has been showing up super late, so I end up missing my second bus to take me home, so I'm stuck at the station for a half hour. And it's cold right now!

I don't get it. We all have to follow rules and instructions, right? We're expected to show up on time, right? I do all of that, but apparentely, they think that they shouldn't. And plus, what is up with the system they've been using? I don't know if they're trying to save money or not, because if they are, they're stupid because they're actually wasting more money with this new method. And why not kill 2 birds with one stone, and have the first bus pick us up and take us to the station after dropping off students to school?

Why should I show up on time if they won't? Why should I pay them to have me be late? We might as well be a bunch of tree-climbing crap-flingers if we're not willing to follow the rules.

I guess until something happens, I'll have to bite my tounge. But you don't know how many times I've come close to have a confrontation with the bus drivers.

But seriously: rules are there for a reason.


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