Friday, May 28, 2010

Start Out Small

This goes for a lot of things: a man seducing an innocent girl, politicians ruling over the world. That's all I can think of, but there's a lot more to it. Basically, taking baby steps.

A guy can show whether he's having problems or actually loves you. But when he's after only ONE thing, that's when you have to watch out. He'll start out small: praises and small physical actions. He'll feed on your reactions till he knows what to do next. Like a lion moving in on it's prey. He'll keep you off your feet and guessing, not knowing what he really will do. He can be pretty good at hiding the inside, the real predator.

Ladies, be really careful here. I know a man's heart, so I know what I'm talking about. Not that I'm this kind of man, but I knoww what they're like, or at least the types I'm talking about here.

Not saying every man is like this, but every man without an actual heart or one that has a fool's heart is like this.


Ahh, Obama. You even had me fooled. Like the man who tries to posess a woman. Only difference is that you haven't gotten to me yet. Same with you damn politicians.

You start out with hunting rifles. Then handguns. And eventually, all guns will be banned for Americans. Next is freedom of speech. You've already started with clothing. Then censorship because it is offending to certain viewers. Let's not forget the Silly Bandz bracelets incident they're dealing with these days. According to the schools,they are distractions. Then you'll be able to go after whatever you want in the media or anyone's form of expression.

What happened to the First Amendment? Bullcrap on you frickin lying hypocrites, disgraces to America.

You're seducing is all, eating us. Making us believe your lies.

Tom, thanks for opening my eyes on this. Although I'm not really an American patriot, you gave me more reasons to move to Europe with my future wife.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Someone Smack Me On The Head, Please

I just did the dumbest thing today at school. Well, 2 dumbest things. Anyways, here's the story:

I can finally sell back my King Lear and my math textbook today, and hoping to get some cash to get an iTunes gift card. Then as I head on to sell, the lady tells me that they're overstocked and can't take anymore of the math book for this semester, which basically means I should've sold back my math book on the first day since I wasn't even gonna study for my math final anyways. And I only get 3 frickin dollars for a 17 dollar Shakespeare book. And out of frustration, I dump my mathbook in the book-recycling bin. Then it hits me right away: I could've hung on to it till next semester for some money! They would still be using that book next semester! And since I know I'm gonna flunk Algebra 2, I could've hung on to it and saved some frickin money. Well, I can always rent next time, right? Anyway, it doesn't matter since I'm skipping math next semester so I can work.

Here's what I don't get, though: how can they sell and rent, but not take back as much? Is it budget cuts or what?

Either way, I'm super peeved, and I got no idea what to tell my mom. Hopefully, she thinks I've sold back all my stuff now.

I still want someone to smack me in the head, please.

I need my Mikaboo right now. <3

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I dedicate this to Spanish Fly by Van Halen. And to the acoustic guitar, as well. Spanish style, that is. And I mean Spain.

I'll fly all the way to Spain. I'll do it; I can prove it, too. I don't care if it's all the way across the ocean. I'll take breaks on ships.

I need to see my roots. Check out the literature. It gave me Don Quixote, after all. But one thing lures me to Spain the most:

Guitar. Flamenco.

Listening to Spanish Fly by Van Halen brought back my desire. Although he plays American rock and roll, he can still give me the huge need of Spain. And for much of my life, I've wanted to master the guitar, especially Spanish style.

Let me live it up, Spain.

Viva la raza.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shone Light Into Human's Heart

This I dedicate to my somehow mysterious gift of helping others and the last lines of the song, Toxicity by System Of A Down (S.O.A.D).

"When I Became The Sun, I Shone Light Into The Man's Heart."

Here's the thing: when did I become the sun? How do I bring light into the man's heart? I haven't even had any large experiences. All I've done is observe; but then again, being observant can make you learn plenty and have tons of common sense.

I'm an eagle. But many see me as a beacon of help. Many come to my tree and ask for my help. They've told me stories that they'e never told anyone, not even spoken to themselves. Rape, family hell, runaways, drugs, murderers, sexual abuse, shelters, relationships, horrid pasts that you can imagine and that you thought you could never imagine someone going to.

They tell me that even though I'm just a guy on the internet, they feel comfortable enough to share their huge secrets with me and ask for help. They tell me stuff that even therapists couldn't be trusted with, at least that's what they say. They believe I'm better than anyone with a college degree. They tell me I always know what to say, even though lots of times, I feel like I'm not helping at all despite the fact that the advice seems to naturally pop out of my mouth.

I love helping people all the time. It's my passion. It's my service to humanity and those I care about, including friends and the love of my life.

But even to this day, I still don't know what makes strangers trust me in me completely. But they all do tell me this: I have a gift of helping human beings. I must keep using it.

What I say is: I won't question it, so I'll keep doing it. But that doesn't mean I won't keep wondering once in a while.

"When I became the sun, I shone light into the man's heart."

Does One Truly Die?

This is something kinda came up with a few days ago. It finally came back to me just now. Now I can share with you guys my insights on this.

As a Christian, I believe what every Christian believes about what happens when you die: if you're good, heaven. If you're bad, hell. And after seeing a few questions on Yahoo! Answers about the afterlife, that's when I came up with this:

Does One Truly Die?

Here's what I said: no, they do not. Why do you say so? is what most would ask me.

Think about it: once your soul is created, it's there forever. And because of how God made our souls and what happens to them after death, they still go somewhere, thus showing that they're technically still alive.

So what if they're gone from our world when something happens to them? It's only the physical vessel that dies, not the person itself. The soul just goes somewhere else depending on how you lived your life.

This is just what I think. I don't know what other Christians would say about this, but I'm gonna stick with this.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Man Has Hatred Of Himself

War Ensemble by Slayer
Human Strain by Slayer
My Own Worst Enemy by Lit.
War Pigs by Black Sabbath
Right In Two by Tool

These are a few songs I can think of when it comes to describing what basically tells me that man hates himself. We see it in war, books, music, and crime that we see and hear about on tv and the newspapers. What happened to man? Why does he have to fight one another? What is it that's so worth getting that you have to kill your own brothers and sisters to obtain?

Don't they realize that they have made themselves their own worst enemy? Don't they know that Satan has turned them all against each other? Don't they have any idea? Of course not. They're too busy fighting and hating amongst one another. It's really sad.

This is one of the reasons why I live in the trees and the sky. But either way, it hurts to have to watch it all the way up here.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Avian Respects Monster Fish: The Shark

I'm an Eagle. Been that way my whole life. Nothing but the sky. However, I have respect for the sea. I love it, going in it. I'm part fish when I'm in the water. I'm all eagle, but I still enjoy the waters. It's complicated to explain even to myself, I guess.

I'm the king of the sky. But I admire the king of the 7 seas: the shark. Just like I dominate the sky and hunt from there, the shark does the same with the ocean. It's just as vast, the ocean. Just as beautiful and filled with food and life. The only sad thing is that the shark is vulnerable to human attackers while I'm safe in the sky and high mountains where I'm unreachable.

I have talons, he has teeth. I have wings, he has fins and a set of jaws that can crack anything.

As a human, I sport both symbols around my neck: an eagle necklace made of hold, and 2 shark's teeth: one modern, and one a fossil.

I may have tons of admiration for this monster, but no matter what, I'm loyal to the skies. I am all eagle.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

High School Idiots And Stuff

Man, did I hate high school. For a lot of reasons. Part of it caused my depression. The rest made me lose hope in humanity. There was a one-time event that got my attention. You'll see it all from these eagle eyes of mine.

Welcome to Woodside High School, the home of the cougars. Man, isn't that mascot a familiar symbol of comformism and a lack of creative thinking? For once, can we drop the cougar?

I had to grow up with it all: a bunch of idiots who didn't give a chicken crap about school at all. Just screwed around messing with the teachers, making messes, disrupting the class, runing the beautiful campus we had. Oh, and don't even get me started on those bathrooms. Man, I remember when I was on my adventure revisiting this school: the bathrooms were still just as gross as ever: dirty toilets filled and stuffed with shit and toilet paper, the rims wet and dirty, paper towels all around, thrown in sinks and all around the bathroom. No one flushes the toilet. Some went to the bathroom ON the toilet or urinal.

The substitute teachers had it tons worse there. Kinda similar to what juvie is like (not that I've been there). Basically, since they were handling raw animals and didn't know how they were like particularly, it was hell time for them. I bet you can imagine the ruckus and lack of work that happened in the classroom. One of my worst experiences with subs was with a permanent sub I had in Junior English. My English teacher had to leave to give birth to her second child. And she did the same thing in Freshman year with her first kid. Anyways, we had this permanent sub who's name I won't mention here just in case she reads my blog and remembers who I am. Anyways, not only was she a horrible teacher who didn't know how to help us kids with our work, or at least help those who wanted to work--which was less than 5 of us--, she couldn't even control her class! We actually had a kid walk out after arguing with the teacher during the reading. (the dumbass ended up flunking the whole year). I had the same experience a year later in Geometry class. That class I was in was a permanent original teacher. We were declared the worst behaved class in the whole campus, and she ended up getting fired for not being able to control those monsters. She now teaches math at my college, and is much happier there since college students actually give a damn about school.

Even though my high school was declared the best in the high school district, we were still a piece of crap. Not just educational-wise. We had our literers, gangs, 250 giant bullies whom everyone hated, racism, fights at least once every 2 weeks, dirty everything, bees all around campus. My only safe haven was the library where no one went. Why? It's the library, of course! It was on the second floor of the building that also had the main offices, it had a balcony area, my friends were there, and bees never came up there 99% of the time. And I was away from all the hyenna vulture monsters of the school. Not to mention I had the library where it's quiet, and filled with computers and books.

My high school even cheats! Let me tell you a little story: I was a senior, and spirit week was coming up. So I thought: let's try it out for once! I got in my school colors with my Woodside shirt, beanie with the 3 colors (orange, black, and white), and black jacket. All us senior got in the main quad, and we supposedely had the most supporters. So seniors won, right? But later on, I found out that the vice-principal hired some students to pose as seniors so they could win. I was ashamed to have participated in that even though I wasn't the one posing as a fake senior.

Sophmore year made me give up on humanity for 2 years after a bad time with a weak sub in English class. Thank God college got me back up in faith.

A wise woman at college told me this: when it comes for the desire to learn, it's elementary and college students who have the most hunger for knowledge. Children have so much curiosity, and adults always want more. Something bad just happens in high school and maybe middle school, for some reason.

That's it for my rant and observation. The only other thing I can say is that it feels good to be with my own kind in college. And not all high schoolers are like this. Some of my friends who are still in high school are perfect examples of true learners.

Keep it strong.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hypocracy Of Yahoo! Answers (y!a)

One of the things I can't stand in this world are hypocracy. And I mean all kinds, including any of my own. Right now, I feel like ranting about the hypocracy of a website I go into. It's called Yahoo! Answers, or y!a, for short.

Just like the picture shows you, the website is for asking, answering, and discovering for information. And you can get info and do stuff from medical stuff to family to gardening to polls and surveys. Basically, seek info and stuff on anything. Most people also use it as a social networking site because you can make friends and email them there. It's actually how I met my forever love there.

Anyways, like with every website, they have their rules. One of them is about chatting and opinion and what they consider to be chatting and opinion. Here's where the hunk of my entry comes in:

Polls and Surveys is where the most hypocracy is. Polls and Surveys are opinions, right? But for the ones who run the website, they have different thoughts on this. Polls, for example would be like "what's your favorite food". Surveys are "if you were to do this....blah blah..". That's when people can get personal and share their own thoughts and experiences on this. Sadly, according to y!a, it is a violation of rules, mostly because the question is used for "chatting" and "opinion" and isn't being used for seeking info, which is what the website is said to be there for.

Here's what I don't get: if y!a is just an information-seeking site, why bother having the Polls and Surveys section there? I'm not saying they should remove it; better yet, keep it there. But basically, what I'm saying is that y!a shouldn't get people in trouble for posting appropriate content in that section. Polls and Surveys are about chatting and opinion, but sadly, it contradicts the website's own rules. There's worse stuff on that website that people get away with, stuff they should go to jail for.

Hypocracy sucks, dude. Eagle hates it!

P.S: glad to have my brain juice back.

Empty-Headed, In Need Of Inspiration

Need ideas for the brain; need inspiration; need to fill that whole in my head. Right now, I feel like the lady in the picture here.

C'mon, sky. C'mon, world. Give me something. Hey, noggin! Why aren't you active yet? Why must I ruffle hard through my head? Why must I have thunderstorms and clouds in my mind? Why must you run down my thinking engine?

I have the need to write; I must let something out; I must do stuff with my fingers on my keyboard. I just need to let it out and share with the world.

Something must happen now before I go crazy. I need something meaningful, anything cool to write about. Not just an entry of me whining about how I can't find something to write about. I must do something!

I'm empty-headed, in need of inspiration. The need to write.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Adventure In The West Part Of Town

You should've seen the huge adventure I had on Friday on the west side of my town. It was tough, but fun! Here it goes:

Me and some friends were gonna get together at this place called The Dutch Goose, which is this restaurant/arcade. It was on a Friday, and we were gonna meet at the park at 9 a.m, and I thought: why not cut school for a day? Plus, math blows, which is what I had for Friday at school. It was mainly for Senior cut day, and since I missed my senior cut day (long story), I wanted to go along for the ride.

Anyways, after my mom drops me off at the bus station, instead of catching my school bus, I catch the high school's bus since it would take me to the park we were gonna meet at. It's in the neighborhood I used to live in 4 years ago. I get there, and I decide to wait in this gym where it was open early. I text the host of the party, Ana, and she tells me that we were gonna actually meet at 2 p.m!! I was devistated. But then I got an idea: I haven't been to my high school in a while, and I should go see it again. So I told her I'd meet her there instead. So I caught another bus to head to the high school, and I found my friend, Ricky there. And good thing because the library was closed for testing, and I had nowhere to head to. So he sent me to study hall so I could study. I even found my friend, Jackie there, and we talked religion and stuff. I was pretty bummed to know she couldn't hang with us, but it's cool.

After class, I found Ricky, and we found our friend Haley, and I walked home with them, and luckly, Ricky lived right by my bus college route, so I caught a bus there after they split. I found my math classmates there, and this math wizard named Ronald told me about what I missed in class, and I was grateful he told me. I made it to the station, and once again, I told Ana I would meet her at the high school, so I went right back so I could wait for her. Sadly, I didn't stay long because security caught me and kicked me out. I told Ana, and after an hour or so, we met up at the plaza, which is on the road of the high school. We talked about stuff, mostly about our loved ones, and headed back to the high school to meet up with some old friends. I even found my friend, Jasmine, there, who I haven't seen since about March or so. She couldn't come with us, either.

We had to meet up with our friend, Sarah, so we had to go to the bus station to pick her up. On the way, I shared some intersting bus stories. (if you wanna read them, they're in my blog entry called "Weirdos and Creeps In The Bus World"). We managed to catch our bus on time to head back to the bus station from the plaza, and we found Sarah at the station, and we caught a bus back in the direction of the high school, only instead, we headed to the Dutch Goose to meet some friends there. I met a new guy named Sonny there, and he's pretty chill.

We eventually settled down to eat and play pool, and more friends showed up, including Ana's boyfriend, Gadi. We needed money for food, and Gadi and Ana went to get it from their car, but they were gone for a pretty long time, for some reason. They got back, and we played more pool, we ate, and played cards.

Then they all wanted to head to the movies, but since I've been walking and taking buses for 12 hours, I wanted to head back home. We didn't have room for all of us in Gadi's car, so I volunteered to ride in the trunk. My friends made some immigrant jokes since I'm Mexican and in the trunk, but I didn't mind. And I had an awesome time riding in the trunk.

And that's my adventure. I made it home all in one peace. What do you think of my adventure?