Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Does One Truly Die?

This is something kinda came up with a few days ago. It finally came back to me just now. Now I can share with you guys my insights on this.

As a Christian, I believe what every Christian believes about what happens when you die: if you're good, heaven. If you're bad, hell. And after seeing a few questions on Yahoo! Answers about the afterlife, that's when I came up with this:

Does One Truly Die?

Here's what I said: no, they do not. Why do you say so? is what most would ask me.

Think about it: once your soul is created, it's there forever. And because of how God made our souls and what happens to them after death, they still go somewhere, thus showing that they're technically still alive.

So what if they're gone from our world when something happens to them? It's only the physical vessel that dies, not the person itself. The soul just goes somewhere else depending on how you lived your life.

This is just what I think. I don't know what other Christians would say about this, but I'm gonna stick with this.


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