Friday, May 28, 2010

Start Out Small

This goes for a lot of things: a man seducing an innocent girl, politicians ruling over the world. That's all I can think of, but there's a lot more to it. Basically, taking baby steps.

A guy can show whether he's having problems or actually loves you. But when he's after only ONE thing, that's when you have to watch out. He'll start out small: praises and small physical actions. He'll feed on your reactions till he knows what to do next. Like a lion moving in on it's prey. He'll keep you off your feet and guessing, not knowing what he really will do. He can be pretty good at hiding the inside, the real predator.

Ladies, be really careful here. I know a man's heart, so I know what I'm talking about. Not that I'm this kind of man, but I knoww what they're like, or at least the types I'm talking about here.

Not saying every man is like this, but every man without an actual heart or one that has a fool's heart is like this.


Ahh, Obama. You even had me fooled. Like the man who tries to posess a woman. Only difference is that you haven't gotten to me yet. Same with you damn politicians.

You start out with hunting rifles. Then handguns. And eventually, all guns will be banned for Americans. Next is freedom of speech. You've already started with clothing. Then censorship because it is offending to certain viewers. Let's not forget the Silly Bandz bracelets incident they're dealing with these days. According to the schools,they are distractions. Then you'll be able to go after whatever you want in the media or anyone's form of expression.

What happened to the First Amendment? Bullcrap on you frickin lying hypocrites, disgraces to America.

You're seducing is all, eating us. Making us believe your lies.

Tom, thanks for opening my eyes on this. Although I'm not really an American patriot, you gave me more reasons to move to Europe with my future wife.


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