Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pointless Destruction

I owe this blog entry to Metallica and their song, One.

Song link:

As you can tell, I had just listened to this song today. It's based on a novel called Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo. In both the novel and the song, a man named Johnny goes into war, only to be almost killed. He survives, but completely injured to the point where he loses his legs, arms, and face. He literally can't do anytyhing on his own, not even speak or breathe. He eventually builds a bond with a nurse whom he asks her to kill him for her to end the misery. In the story, he also wants to be displayed around the world so people can see the horrors of the wars.

Why the hell do we fight amongst each other? Why can't we all get along and share? Why can't we accept we have our differences? Why can't we all not do stupid stuff within out own countries to the point where it ends up bringing in other countries to stop them and it all ends up in war?

Do any soldiers even know what they're fighting for? Why can't the government go on the front line themselves if they wanna war so bad? So what if you're old? If you want war, do it yourself instead of wasting the many young men and women who don't deserve to die.

Look what we also cause here: war within ourselves because of what each of us different individuals feel about war. Guess what that causes? More war!

Because of the politics and opinions in war, we lose money for this country that we could use for other ways to help ourselves or even the world. We'd be able to protect our own people, our own children who are under attack of disease, violence, and sexual abuse. The real war is within our own countries. But either way, we also need to solve the wars in our own ground. We just need to end our violence now! End the racism, end all the evil and violence in this war. Live in peace, harmony, and Utopian society. Or we'll all become...



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