Tuesday, September 7, 2010

From The Ashes Rises A Phoenix

Dave Mustaine, Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, J.K Rowling. These are several people I can describe with what I like to call "Phoenix."

A lot of people think that the way these people are, they must've been rich or something, right? Not really. Actually, many of these kinds of people have started with literally nothing. Well, maybe some with parents, but disfuctional ones, at the most. Some have been homeless begging for money on the streets of England.

But they all had a dream, an idea, feelings they wanted to express to the world. And that's just what they did. And guess what? J.K Rowling has so much money, she doesn't know where to keep it all!

You don't need money to become rich, or to start out in the path of success. It doesn't matter what your background is our what your previous decisions of your own or others have made. All you need is determination and dreams. And never stop till they become reality. If these kind of people can make it starting with nothing, you can, too. Just believe.


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