Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friend In Trouble

I need you all to hear this story. It's by long-time friend: Ana Cordoba (as seen in pic). This is her story:

Let the Whole World Know by Ana Cordoba on Monday, November 15, 2010 at 10:22pm.

Hello everybody! I came up with my decision--pushed by my parents honestly. I've come up with a decent outline plan but this will only work with your cooperation. Let me get my situation out in the open:

My parents will be deported on December 17th, 2010. And I might just go with them. This isn't about me. This is about them. They are the people that have supported me since birth, the two that sacrificed their health, social lives and if there were just a few more nudges: their lovingly complicated relationship. For two decades they have stayed and worked here not for their selfish needs but for mine educational necessities. They wanted me to go to college and make use of it. They wanted my life to actually pull through and rise out of the ashes of their failed attempts--I' am their dreams in essence.

Emotions aside, my parents have done everything the law has wanted out of them: paid taxes, lawyer fees taken care of, so on and so on. How are they paying for it? They have locator bracelets on their ankles to make sure they don't run off and hide from authorities. They must wear them until they are out of this country. My parents have done no crime, and before anyone calls foul--THEY. DIDN'T. What did they do? Did they steal money? No. Did they get this money illegally? No. What are they using it for?

To pay for my college education, to sustain my grandparents basic living conditions. Is that selfish? Not when it involves keeping a family alive. A family that have missed their absent puzzle pieces for a couple of decades. My grandmother died--I never once said goodbye to her, promise after promise that I never completed...she died quickly, knowing that she will not see her oldest son, she wouldn't get the chance, she won't. Because my dad wanted to give me the life he could never have. At the sacrifice of my childhood, at the price of his wilting health thanks to Diabetes.

My mother is running the risk of losing her own mother. She's close, I believe. She's holding on, waiting for her final child to come back for one more talk, one more hug, one more everything. Because she wanted me to have the life she almost had. At the sacrifice of her hope and dreams, of her smile. At the price of her pride as a person thanks to these stupid bracelets, these check ins by officials. People that are from different backgrounds, ethnicities.

My parents have sacrificed more than enough. I've stated this already, I have no need to repeat this. So I will gladly cut to the chase and say that I need your help.

I need you guys to follow this CLOSELY. My parents only have 32 days left here and we are running out of time with each passing second.

This will be the biggest favor I will ask of you guys. I need you all to follow me and send letters to senators, congress folk and so on. What good will that do? Alone, nothing. In vast numbers, so much. And don't just stop there. Call them up, remind them that two people here that have earned their right as citizens are hoping for a miracle this Christmas Season. Remind them that my education will be cut short if they leave. They will not get the chance to see me graduate, their hard work starting from 1990 will be for naught and may end up in vain. They came in this country in a legal manner, I remind you all. They earned their keep in a legal manner. They have bought, sold, done their taxes in a legal manner. The U.S knows that we exist, we let them know as soon as I was born that we intend to make a living here much like many immigrants did back in the late 1800's to early 1900's.

My life along with theirs will be completely shattered without your help. I ask for no money, no financial support. Instead donate time. That is it. A few minutes reading this and spreading it across the network. Refer them to media sources, make a video. Tell the whole world of this. Help me let the world know what this immigration system has done to me and my family. Remind the country and world that many of us, SO many of us are suffering under these current situations. I' am not alone in my struggle. As we speak, a large amount of kids in my current situation are being ridiculed and considered just as illegal as their parents supposedly are. They are being separated from their homes, families and loved ones because no one can support them.

Broken hearts are being created, tears are being shed and they can't do a thing about them. But I can. WE can. WE can tell the whole world that this BULLSHIT must be laid down ONCE AND FOR ALL. I do not just want to speak for my parents, but I would like us all to come together and speak of the tragedy occurring in our country: Parents and relatives that worked countless hours with little to no sleep are being torn away from their children--children that are just like us, that were just like us. Kids that have dreams of being the next big shot doctor, politician, writer, actor/actress. They have dreams like the rest of us, like the person next to you. I know that I will not be the only child to cry over their lost nurturers and loved ones. I will certainly not be the last. But in any way, I want to make sure that we get to the last child faster.

Let the whole world know. Announce it, spread it, tell them, scream it, state it. Let. Them. Know. Help me help them. Help me keep my one true family together. Because even though a lot of us may hate our parents and wish they would just leave us the hell alone, we're grateful for them. And I love my mom and dad. I need them. They need me. It's like that.

Thank you.

I don't know who can read this and not feel compassion for this young woman and her parents. C'mon. There's no crime in wanting a better life for your kids.

So, if you can, spread the word, let the government know they need to grow some hearts and give this family a chance. Plz don't let my friend have to leave America. Neither her or her parents.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Gift To The World

Listen to the song, and you'll see what my gift to the world is:

Lay Your World On Me by Ozzy Osbourne:

Lyrics (credited to Ozzy Osbourne):

I know you think you're all alone
I haven't been there when you've needed me
I didn't deserve the love you gave
But now I'm telling you I'm here if you need a friend

Give me your pain
Give me your anger
Let me be your rock
I can be the pillar of strength that you need
I'll help you keep it all together
It's better late than never
Lay your world on me
I can take the weight

Don't let it twist you up inside
Time never fails to make the heartache stop
You've got to let those feelings go
I'll give you everything I can if you say the word

Give me your pain
Give me your anger
Let me be your rock
I can be the pillar of strength that you need
I'll help you keep it all together
It's better late than never
Lay your world on me
I can take the weight

We all laugh and we all cry
We all hurt the same inside
We all fall down and we lose faith in who we really are
But if we bend instead of break
The choice for us is to make it together
Lay your world on me

I'll help you keep it all together
It's better late than never
Lay your world on me
Lay your world on me
Lay your world on me
I can take the weight

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beach Isn't Yours, Greenwich Village Bitch.

I'm talking about you, Greenwich Village, New York. I was in Speech class today, and we saw this video about a beach in said town that only allows Greenwich residents in the beaches only. And for proof of that, you needed to have a residency permit. Otherwise, "get the hell out of our beach. We pay the taxes, blah blah blah."

Anyways, the clip had this amazing woman who, just like me, decided to defy the rules and law. So she gets a bunch of out of city people on a bus and heads there. They first try to get in through the main entrance, letting the people at the ticket stand know that they want in at the beach for some fun time. As soon as they let them know they didn't have residency passes, "fuck off, go away." So they tried plan B:

Head in there by water. So they got on boats, and they almost made it till the Coast Guard and Greenwich Village was on their tails. They tried out-boating them, but to no prevail. So what did these daring rebels of society do?

They abandoned ship. But not to quit. To swim to the beach shores!

But as soon as they got there, they were greated by residents just standing there with a look that says "What do you outsiders think you're doing here on "our" beach?" They were pissed off, dude, and basically telling them that unless they actually owned property in Greenwich, they had to get the hell of "their" beach. Even the cops were there ready to arrest these daredevils. But even the daredevils let them know "with this kind of friendly welcome, I'd love to live here." I could tell the villagers knew what that meant. They had no choice but to leave.

Here's what I would've said and done:

"You rich bastards don't own this beach. No one owns land. If you guys are as Christian as you claim to be, you'd realize that God intended all lands and waters to belong to all of us, everyone on earth, even the most lowly beggar." I would've dared those cops to even touch me. I'd just walk in there with a boombox blasting Slayer music and screaming like a deathmetal head "Partay at the beach, suckas!"

I wouldn't be surprised if they were also a bunch of racist hicks who are hypocrical to our Christian God. I'll bet you all my money (not really) that it's true.

Luckly, the Supreme Court is trying to get rid of their stupid law. And when they do, I'm gonna head over there and party my ass off. I'll clean up after myself, of course. But no one tells me what beach I can and can't go to. We all own the beach, not you rich tight-asses.

If any of you are from Greenwich and have a problem with me, feel free to email me. Feel free to find me, too. I'll take you down and spit on your face and tear it apart with my eagle talons. Go ahead and even touch me. Get ready because I'm heading to your beach, baby! I DARE YOU TO FUCKIN TOUCH ME!!!!!

Why do I feel so passionately about this? Because when it comes to most rules, especially dumb rules like this as well as anti-immigration, I'm naturally bound to reverse psychology and rebellion. That's why.

So you can try to stop me, but you'll end up with talon marks on your face.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't Sugarcoat Your Language

I'm a blunt guy, which means I prefer to hear things the way they are. Don't use pretty words to tell me things just to lessen the blow. That still won't change the fact that it's what it truly is. Sugarcoating it just makes it worse for me, and I see is a waste of time.

So why do we gotta soften certain swear words? Including those in Spanish and English. We all know what it is, including the kids. We don't need to change it to something else. Just call it what it is! We're not in the puritan salem witch trials era anymore! And if we were, I'd stick their rules up their asses.

Tell it how it is. That's what the first amendment is for! So you can say whatever you want however you want to.

Don't Be A CR

Sorry I haven't written in a while. Lots of stuff has been going on in my personal life. But I'm back in my tree to share what's been in my mind and my sights.

Anyways, there's this dude who's been in 2 of my classes since Spring, 2010. He was in one that last semester, and he's in my Speech class this semester. I won't mention his name, so I'll call him CR.

He's late. Every single fuckin time to class. At least half an hour late, at the most. Once, he was almost an hour late. Other times, I see him at the learning center when he was supposed to come to class.

He did mention to the teacher one time that the reason he's always late is because of his bro. If he didn't have a car and lived too far, maybe I'd understand. But since I don't know all his situation, I'll talk smack about him anyways. It gets annoying seeing him always be late. Every day.

My advice to all of you is: don't be a CR if you're perfectly capable of showing up on time. Seriously, it's annoying.