Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't Sugarcoat Your Language

I'm a blunt guy, which means I prefer to hear things the way they are. Don't use pretty words to tell me things just to lessen the blow. That still won't change the fact that it's what it truly is. Sugarcoating it just makes it worse for me, and I see is a waste of time.

So why do we gotta soften certain swear words? Including those in Spanish and English. We all know what it is, including the kids. We don't need to change it to something else. Just call it what it is! We're not in the puritan salem witch trials era anymore! And if we were, I'd stick their rules up their asses.

Tell it how it is. That's what the first amendment is for! So you can say whatever you want however you want to.


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