Monday, December 13, 2010

Money Makes People Selfish

I remember my fiance telling me when she was at the mall, a woman sat next to her. She had just bought 3 iPads, and she was giving her 16 year-old daughter 80 dollars to spend.

I bet none of them never even give a first thought as to what many others around the world are going through. Some of us (like me and my family) are losing their houses, or at least are in danger of losing their homes. Some are living in cars suffering in the winter cold with barely nothing, and the homeless shelters are filled past capacity, and many more still need help. Many don't even eat every day.

And yet, many others are spending like crazy on iPads and tons of clothes they probably won't wear after a day or week or so, and it'll just end up in their closets like my mom's millions of crap is.

Does any of it even make you happy? Can money bring you hapiness? It doesn't even smell nice (literally). Do all these material posessions fill the whole in your lives? Instead of trying to cover up your sadness with money and material posessions, why not use it to help those who actually need it for food and a home and medical help and everything?

And as for the government, you're pretty much also to blame with your own greed, as well as your corruption. Why not forget those expensive trips and vacations and help out your country or other countries?

Humanity has been disgusting me.


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