Monday, March 29, 2010

View From The Sky

I go to school in the mountains, and it has the most beautiful view ever. We are next to these forrests and huge mountains that hold the ocean on the other side. Just where I belong as an avian creature lover, right?

I'm in the perfect place to gather my thoughts. To watch the world, or at least my town. I see it all: at least 5 towns, a huge satellite in the farms, my city, and the freeway with the many cars going by. And the music certainly helps. It all depends on the song, my mood, and my situation. If I feel good, I can view good.

I like just standing there, the wind blowing in my face, the sun shining on me like the graceful bird I am.

Viewing isn't just for appreciation. It's for thinking, observing, and health. And it doesn't just involve high places. It involves all places. And people, as well. I see all parts of life wherever I am. That's what an eagle does: he sees everything. I'll fly down to help once in a while.

For now, I'll keep learning.

Basic Analysis Of Me.

I've been an eagle and an observer my whole life. I don't know if it's because my parents have kept me imprisoned with their paranoia, or because I naturally just like to sit on my pine tree to observe. I'm normally a solitary eagle, but that doesn't mean I won't fly down to enjoy the company of others. Both can kind of hurt, mostly solitude, even though ironically, it's what I am. Solitude did put me in therapy for about a year, so I'm doing much better, but I still enjoy occasional solitude. I just want the company of other people more.

I've been single almost all my life. I've never really found a mate. That kinda changed recently after meeting a very special lady. I'll be flying with her for a very long time. She may be the one I've been wanting my whole life.

Because of my parents religion, paying for my needs, and paranoia, I've had tons of restrictions on my choice of friends, activities, life, even though I'm a full-blown eagle. I'm 19, now, and dammit, I gotta fly. I need to start fending for myself so no one has me in a cage instead of in the spacious sky.

This is it for now. You'll see more into my avian eyes and my life. Bless you all.