Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Opposite Opinionators Can Still Get Along

I remember when I was taking a Political Science class last semester. As you can tell, we discuss a lot about issues involving political stuff. And people really got into the discussions! It was amazing to see such fierce involvement, participation, and interest, and it made me regain faith in people my age, somewhat. We did have people in class old enough to be our parents, of course, since the majority of everyone else was from ages 17 to their early 20's.

One of the hottest debate topics was about homosexuality. I remember this one particular debate about how the military is so paranoid about homosexuals, they kick them out because they see them as compromisers of the U.S army. Although I'm Christian and mostly neutral and not on the gay support system much, I couldn't believe the stupidest reasons that people would use to justify why to kick out homosexuals out of the military. I mean, yeah, they'll have their eyes on their teammates and all, but it's not like they're gonna get funky with them or disrespect their boundries or rape them in their sleep. Every potential soldier is there for one reason: to contribute to the horrible fact that man cannot get along and is not one with the Lord. But also to serve and defend the American country, or so they say.

Anyway, I remember two particular ladies that went back and forth in the debate. Although they weren't directly going at it with each other, one was for gays in the military, and the other was a religious conservative, in my eyes. They'd just go back and forth, back and forth, fighting and really speaking for what they believed in when it came to this issue. I was afraid they were gonna actually duke it out in front of the class! But at the same time, I thought "Awesome, this is intenese!" These ladies got spirt and passion. And they at least debated gracefully; they had plenty of good words and no BS at all. But also, they were good friend, and I thought that was going to be over that day.

But I was wrong.

When it came time for the midterms and studying, some of my classmates formed a study group, which I decided to join. The one who was for homosexuals in the military mostly ran the study group, and I liked that a spirited woman warrior was doing so. And guess who else was there? The religious one. (I won't mention any names here, btw. Mostly for privacy).

Now you'd think that they'd start either going at it for real, or that they'd ignore each other, right? Wrong!!! In fact, they're still the greatest friends to this day! All of us in the group worked together amazingly with no problems at all, except for maybe a buddy of mine who was trying to make sure he got it all together, but he was fine, overall.

What is my point here? Despite having totally different opinions, if you're really good friends and have common goals, you can still get along, and be the bestest of friends. All you gotta do is make sure your seperate opinions don't get in the way of friendship. You can still debate, but be careful as to how you do it. Make sure both of you are respectful of each other. This is exactly how I'm working with a friend of mine who's a real American patriot even though I'm actually against the American government, and all governments and politics, in general. That's a bit ironic, in a way, since I got a B n that Political Science class.

And this is all I've observed from my skies in this class. There's more, but I don't feel like talking about it right now. Maybe another time when I feel like it. But I'll show you what else I've seen from the sky later on. Now I must fly off to more observation and living. And to serenade a certain lady. hehehe.