Friday, April 2, 2010

Weirdos and Creeps In The Bus World

I've been taking the bus since I was 17. Actually, I should've started earlier now that I look back. If I had done so, I would've saved myself from being late to school so many times, and to avoid being stuck with the drivers doing their errands, and being force-fed sucky rap music by my cousin.

Anyways, I guess I didn't see the weirdos till about age 18 when I started college a year or 2 ago. I had to take a bus to therapy every Tuesday after school, and that took over an hour to get there. It was fine for me; I got to read, listen to music, take a nap, do a bit of homework, think, check out a few girls here and there (keep in mind I was single back then), and look at all the places and people in the Bay Area. It was pretty cool.

But that doesn't mean that the inside was nice, and I'm not just talking about the interior of the bus. I'm talking about the people that get IN the bus: Gang members, drunks, criminals/ex-criminals, druggies, whores, sexual harrassers, thieves, crazies, weirdos, creeps, perverts, loud-mouths, potty-mouths, peace-disturbers, and so on.

Let me tell you a series of events that I've encountered in my whole bus-riding life so far. Let's start with what inspired me to write this blog entry today:

I had just gotten out of math class, and was heading to the bus station so I could catch my next bus home. We pick up this baldish dude running for the bus stop, and we manage to get him. Then after he gets in and sets his stuff down, he just stands there instead of sitting down or at least grabbing on to a railing, which he should've done since our route was a downhill route. He just stands there with his hands in his pockets, and we had to stop for about a minute or two before the bus driver finally decided to talk to him. Apparentely, the guy didn't wanna sit, and our driver had to talk to him for about a few minutes, and she was able to get him to hold the railing. He eventually sat down. But I can tell everyone in the bus wanted to kick his ass, and he's pretty lucky I got to my next bus on time.

Now for the other events I've experienced in life. Most of these are when I was heading to therapy.

This particular one happened when I was heading to the bus station so I could catch the express bus to head to therapy. After I found a bench to sit on, this drunk guy comes out of nowhere, and starts shouting at the bus driver that had just dropped us off. He was nuts, dude! And then he sits over to talk to me! I knew he was drunk from the smell of beer in this breath. It was gross and awkward, and he talks to me like I'm his buddy. I was just trying to make sure I didn't wake up his drunken rage again.

Then there was this other time when I was already heading to therapy. We pick up this dude with dirty clothes and no shoes, and I think his feet were swollen. Apparentely, his wife kicked him out a few days ago. Now I don't know if he was high, or just nuts, but either way, here's what he does the whole time he was on bus: he gets up to the front, and faces the passangers, and gets all story-telling on us about his "pet hairbrush" and all. I don't remember much of what he did later on, but when he was getting ready to get off the bus, he announces something about a political meeting at this one library. We knew it was a bunch of BS. People were just trying to ignore him the whole time.

Then there's the time I was almost to therapy a while later in life. I was sitting in front (I used to do so before I decided to always sit in the back, and you'll see why this story contains irony). We had to stop the bus for a bit to let the engines cool off a bit, and this dude in the back starts shouting at the bus driver from all the way in the back (we were on a big bus), and then both driver and passanger start really attacking each other with yelling. I was afraid they were gonna start fighting there or call the cops or something. Eventually, we got the bus moving, and the fight was over. But man, that was a scary experience.

This other time also going to therapy, I was in the front with mostly men in their 50's. One of them was next to me, and the guy was about 57. We had a few teen girls coming on the bus here and there, and keep in mind these girls were from 13 to 17. And the guy checks them out like pieces of meat! Then he tells me to check them out, and is all "It's okay to look, just not touch." I wouldn't have done that for 2 reasons: I was 18 at the time, and these girls were already freaked out the guy, and they didn't need to fear an innocent younger guy. He started with a 16 year-old blonde, then a 14 year-old phillipeno girl. Staring and eye-humping them and the perverted comments and all.

The rest of the experiences are shorter: 3 gang mebers (2 men and a girl who were ex-cons or so). The girl was carrying a radio turned up loud even though the rules clearly state that no radios were aloud. And another time, we had 4 racist gang members who were possibly Klansmen. They sat in the back where I was, so you can imagine my nervousness at the time. I had to keep my valuables hidden, show no fear, and speak no Spanish (luckly, I look like a white guy even though I'm Mexican-American). Of the guys before he sat down, stared intensly at a young girl like it was no big deal. I thought I was gonna have to prevent a gang rape that day.

And another time, I had to be near this druken smoker who was showing off to me how he ripped off a guy, and he dared call himself "Jesus Christ." I'm pretty sure he'll be in hell any moment now.

Well, those are all the weirdest and crepiest experiences I've had on the bus so far. If more interesting bus incidents and moments come, I'll let you know if I feel they're interesting enough to share. Anyways, this is why I'm an eagle: I'm in the skies away from the craziness. I'm always safe in the sky where I can see it all.

Here's what I wanna tell you all: although it's nice to enjoy the benifits of riding and relaxing in a bus, if you want to avoid weirdos and creeps on the bus:

GET YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE! I know I need to soon.