Sunday, April 4, 2010

Strange Reasonings

People do some weird things, things that shouldn't be done. I'm not talking about hurting someone brutally (depends on what you talk about), or stealing, or anything major like that. I'm talking about how friends don't wanna talk to other friends anymore without having a proper explanation or logical reason. Sometimes, things like that happen, and the best thing to do would be to accept and move on, even if it's a friend you've really cared about like a lover, sibling, or other half.

Let me tell you 2 stories that have inspired me to write this entry. I'll start with the main one that gave me my blog entry idea for today.

This involves 2 of my online friends: a woman in Ohio, and a man in Kansas, both around the age of 19 like me (the girl is 18, actually). We somehow eventually ended up being connected together, including by Facebook, phone numbers, and Yahoo! Answers. One day, (I'll call the guy, Kansas, and the girl, Ohio), Kansas suddenly decided to stop talking to Ohio out of nowhere. Things seemed fine the last time they talked. Ohio came to me asking me what's happened to him, and that she was worried about him very much. We tried going through all possible scenarios until I came up with the idea of asking for his phone number. I called him 2 days later, and after explaining to him that I was a friend of his and that Ohio gave me his number, he just said "alright" and hung up on me right afterwards.

I was devistated he'd do this to me. Then again, he ignored my previous email on Facebook asking him about what was up with him and Ohio, and his avoidence didn't surprise me, although, yes, it hurt like hell. He was a Mexican brother who shared the same interests in Karate and Japanese culture. Me and Ohio lost a good friend. She and I decided it's best to move on. We both have plenty of friends, and she and I have lovers to be happy about.

Now for the story that happened months before.

A Latina friend of mine who lives in Canada was in Yahoo!Answers, and was a contact of mine. One day, she finally decided to use a real picture of herself as her Yahoo! avatar picture. She had a goofy face (basically, like she was trying to look goofy. She looked nice, actually). I emailed her telling her she looked silly. I had no intention to insult her, but she decided that it was an insult. She emailed me telling me I was a jerk, then she blocked me. Eventually, she unblocked me, but she told me she wanted nothing to do with me, and didn't want me to email her back ever again, or add her as a friend again. I didn't add her back, but I emailed her apolagizing to her, and explaing that I never meant to insult her. She never emailed her back, and I know she ignored my email because her account still showed activity. I knew I'd be in trouble if I kept trying to reason with her because she's had stalkers in the past, and she'd take me as a stalker even though I actually had good intentions. I had to let her go.

I often feel attatched to those I meet online even if they live on the other side of the world. I think of them as family and real friends who I can tell anything. But sometimes, they just have to go even though you either didn't do anything wrong, or didn't mean to cause harm and you try to fix things. The best thing to do is to let them go, and not dwell on it.

Try to appreciate the friends (and lovers) that you already have in life. And if you ever mess up, take it as a life lesson to make sure you don't ever do the same to someone else, and take it as a lesson that sometimes, people have their own reasons for leaving your life.

Keep flying, and meet more eagles, and fly with the ones you have in your life. That's what I'm doing.