Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Heart: A Friend, Traitor, or Both?

I dedicate this posting to the song, That's What You Get by Paramore. And for those who wonder who's in the pic, that's the one and only Paramore singer, Haley Williams.

People tell you to always follow your heart and do that it says. The Bible tells you that the heart is the biggest traitor, other than Satan, of course.

Sometimes, this confuses me. It's like, to me, should I trust my own heart or not? I am my heart, so therefore, I should know what to do and what decisions to go by. I am the one who knows what's best for myself, after all.

I also know that I shouldn't listen to anyone else when it comes to running my life. I'm my own master. But just like any human being out there, we make mistakes, right? Sometimes, not good ones. But you gotta be able to get up from the ashes and fly again like a Phoenix. As long as you know how to do that, and as long as you try to make as little amount of mistakes as possible, then you can trust your own heart. You also have to be able to make good decisions, of course.

At the same time, if your heart gives you strong intuition about something, depending on whether it's good or not, you should go for it. Usually, the first choice is the best one, and you'll feel happy you decided to do it, most of the time, that is.

I guess it's pretty complicated whether to trust your heart or not. I know for me, it is. But I'm mostly gonna trust it. Why? Because it hasn't done anything to betray me yet. Plus, I have my head to back me up. Feeling must work with thought and logic in order to lead you.

Whatever you wanna decide about your heart is up to you. Just make sure your choices don't come back to haunt you.