Monday, April 12, 2010

A Gambler Who Never Bets

I'm an ironic guy when it comes to gambling and bets. I'll explain why. This will involve a trip back in time to when I was 16 and in high school. And I'll try my best to make some stuff simple to understand.

From ages 13 to 17, I was a card shark who loved Yugioh cards. I kinda sucked a lot when I started, but then again, all beginners suck. Eventually, I got better and better. By age 16, even though I still lost, I didn't lose as hard as I did when I started playing in middle school. But the interesting thing was that by the time I reached my "prime," I have finally developed my own style of dueling in Yugioh.

Dueling=Playing Yugioh card matches. Kinda like pokemon.

Now what was the style I developed? Was it the style of zombie or hard-hitting, or fairy cards? It's the style of gambling. Basically, some of my cards involved the use of coin flips and dice rolling, 2 tools that are used by everyday people when they wanna bet for something like who gets the last pizza and whatnot. With this new style of card-playing, I took down opponents super hard, even when they were starting out strong and kicking me around like a football. Suddenly, I realized: I can do more with this in my life than with just Yugioh cards.

Eventually, I got bored of the card game when I was 17. Plus, only 2 of us in my friend's circle were still playing. And 2 years later, guess what? On my iPod touch, I have 4 gambler/bet apps: a coin app, a dice app, a spin the bottle app, and even a roullete app. That's right, they can all be used for bets.

But you wanna know the irony of myself as a gambler?

I don't bet.

Why? Is it because I'm a coward who doesn't wanna lose anything? One time, I did lose a bet pretty hard involving Yugioh cards, and I never win bets anyways. Plus, I didn't wanna lose any valuable cards at the time.

But is that why I don't bet? Nope. The real answer is this: I just don't want to. It's pointless for me. Even when I know I'm gonna win, I still don't bet. Is that because I don't wanna hurt the loser? The answer, once again, is no. The real reason is because I just don't wanna bet.

Maybe I might be lying to myself about the cowards thing; I don't know. To be honest, I don't think I'm lying to myself. But everything else I said is completely true. I like gambling. I just don't bet at all for anything, even if victory is screaming and spitting at me in the face.

Weird, isn't it? But that's who I am.