Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Far Will I Go?

I dedicate this to a certain someone and the song, I.V by X Japan.

What will I do for her? Many things.

Lose my feathers.
Give her my blood, any organ or limb of mine she needs to live.
Give up flying.
Fly with her.
Walk 300 miles just to see her face.
Risk trouble.
Die for her.
I'll give up my I.V for her.
Give up my last breath so she can live.
Run Away With her.
Go to Mt. Everest with nothing but my pants, and scream her name to the high heavens.
Fly every sky.
Swim the 7 seas.
Take on Sharks and Bears.
Write a Heavy Metal Song in her name.
Tatto her name on my neck.
Even marry her.

I will go to the absolute limit. The only thing is, for her, there is no limit to what I'll do for her. Nothing. I'll go all the way with her.