Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rainbow For The Eagle

Normally, I talk about a very special lady when it comes to risks. But right now, I wanna talk about a risk I took today in the mountains. That's right, the real live mountains, the San Andreas Mountains, to be exact.

It's kinda rainy today. Actually, very rainy. And it includes strong winds. Isn't that lovely? Not for a winged creature, it is not. I went outside to get some fresh air, as I have been working on an extra credit report all day. And when I reach the outside, I see this bright beautiful rainbow in full bloom. It's the one in the picture, that's right. Only problem is this: the rain's blowing right at my face, thanks to the wind. But I didn't care; I got out my phone camera, and went for a shot, which is the one you're looking at right now.

I realized that one end of the rainbow was really close to my school, just on the other side of the highway! I decide I wanna get a closer look and a better picture. So wrap up, with music to motivate me, and start heading down there. Despite the wind going strong and the rain slapping my face, I still went for it. Thank God I was wearing a hoodie jacket today.

I get excited as I finally reach a good view when I realized: it's fading away! Either that, or science says that I can't view rainbows in full bloom from up close. Either way, I stuck around for a minute to stare, and I walked back to the Learning Center at my school.

What am I trying to say in this here anecdone? Basically, a few things. I wanted to share this wonderful experience with you. And that a lot of times, you will do anything just to see the most beautiful wonder on earth.

Rainbow=My wife, Mika. <3.>