Saturday, May 8, 2010

Adventure In The West Part Of Town

You should've seen the huge adventure I had on Friday on the west side of my town. It was tough, but fun! Here it goes:

Me and some friends were gonna get together at this place called The Dutch Goose, which is this restaurant/arcade. It was on a Friday, and we were gonna meet at the park at 9 a.m, and I thought: why not cut school for a day? Plus, math blows, which is what I had for Friday at school. It was mainly for Senior cut day, and since I missed my senior cut day (long story), I wanted to go along for the ride.

Anyways, after my mom drops me off at the bus station, instead of catching my school bus, I catch the high school's bus since it would take me to the park we were gonna meet at. It's in the neighborhood I used to live in 4 years ago. I get there, and I decide to wait in this gym where it was open early. I text the host of the party, Ana, and she tells me that we were gonna actually meet at 2 p.m!! I was devistated. But then I got an idea: I haven't been to my high school in a while, and I should go see it again. So I told her I'd meet her there instead. So I caught another bus to head to the high school, and I found my friend, Ricky there. And good thing because the library was closed for testing, and I had nowhere to head to. So he sent me to study hall so I could study. I even found my friend, Jackie there, and we talked religion and stuff. I was pretty bummed to know she couldn't hang with us, but it's cool.

After class, I found Ricky, and we found our friend Haley, and I walked home with them, and luckly, Ricky lived right by my bus college route, so I caught a bus there after they split. I found my math classmates there, and this math wizard named Ronald told me about what I missed in class, and I was grateful he told me. I made it to the station, and once again, I told Ana I would meet her at the high school, so I went right back so I could wait for her. Sadly, I didn't stay long because security caught me and kicked me out. I told Ana, and after an hour or so, we met up at the plaza, which is on the road of the high school. We talked about stuff, mostly about our loved ones, and headed back to the high school to meet up with some old friends. I even found my friend, Jasmine, there, who I haven't seen since about March or so. She couldn't come with us, either.

We had to meet up with our friend, Sarah, so we had to go to the bus station to pick her up. On the way, I shared some intersting bus stories. (if you wanna read them, they're in my blog entry called "Weirdos and Creeps In The Bus World"). We managed to catch our bus on time to head back to the bus station from the plaza, and we found Sarah at the station, and we caught a bus back in the direction of the high school, only instead, we headed to the Dutch Goose to meet some friends there. I met a new guy named Sonny there, and he's pretty chill.

We eventually settled down to eat and play pool, and more friends showed up, including Ana's boyfriend, Gadi. We needed money for food, and Gadi and Ana went to get it from their car, but they were gone for a pretty long time, for some reason. They got back, and we played more pool, we ate, and played cards.

Then they all wanted to head to the movies, but since I've been walking and taking buses for 12 hours, I wanted to head back home. We didn't have room for all of us in Gadi's car, so I volunteered to ride in the trunk. My friends made some immigrant jokes since I'm Mexican and in the trunk, but I didn't mind. And I had an awesome time riding in the trunk.

And that's my adventure. I made it home all in one peace. What do you think of my adventure?