Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hypocracy Of Yahoo! Answers (y!a)

One of the things I can't stand in this world are hypocracy. And I mean all kinds, including any of my own. Right now, I feel like ranting about the hypocracy of a website I go into. It's called Yahoo! Answers, or y!a, for short.

Just like the picture shows you, the website is for asking, answering, and discovering for information. And you can get info and do stuff from medical stuff to family to gardening to polls and surveys. Basically, seek info and stuff on anything. Most people also use it as a social networking site because you can make friends and email them there. It's actually how I met my forever love there.

Anyways, like with every website, they have their rules. One of them is about chatting and opinion and what they consider to be chatting and opinion. Here's where the hunk of my entry comes in:

Polls and Surveys is where the most hypocracy is. Polls and Surveys are opinions, right? But for the ones who run the website, they have different thoughts on this. Polls, for example would be like "what's your favorite food". Surveys are "if you were to do this....blah blah..". That's when people can get personal and share their own thoughts and experiences on this. Sadly, according to y!a, it is a violation of rules, mostly because the question is used for "chatting" and "opinion" and isn't being used for seeking info, which is what the website is said to be there for.

Here's what I don't get: if y!a is just an information-seeking site, why bother having the Polls and Surveys section there? I'm not saying they should remove it; better yet, keep it there. But basically, what I'm saying is that y!a shouldn't get people in trouble for posting appropriate content in that section. Polls and Surveys are about chatting and opinion, but sadly, it contradicts the website's own rules. There's worse stuff on that website that people get away with, stuff they should go to jail for.

Hypocracy sucks, dude. Eagle hates it!

P.S: glad to have my brain juice back.

Empty-Headed, In Need Of Inspiration

Need ideas for the brain; need inspiration; need to fill that whole in my head. Right now, I feel like the lady in the picture here.

C'mon, sky. C'mon, world. Give me something. Hey, noggin! Why aren't you active yet? Why must I ruffle hard through my head? Why must I have thunderstorms and clouds in my mind? Why must you run down my thinking engine?

I have the need to write; I must let something out; I must do stuff with my fingers on my keyboard. I just need to let it out and share with the world.

Something must happen now before I go crazy. I need something meaningful, anything cool to write about. Not just an entry of me whining about how I can't find something to write about. I must do something!

I'm empty-headed, in need of inspiration. The need to write.