Wednesday, May 12, 2010

High School Idiots And Stuff

Man, did I hate high school. For a lot of reasons. Part of it caused my depression. The rest made me lose hope in humanity. There was a one-time event that got my attention. You'll see it all from these eagle eyes of mine.

Welcome to Woodside High School, the home of the cougars. Man, isn't that mascot a familiar symbol of comformism and a lack of creative thinking? For once, can we drop the cougar?

I had to grow up with it all: a bunch of idiots who didn't give a chicken crap about school at all. Just screwed around messing with the teachers, making messes, disrupting the class, runing the beautiful campus we had. Oh, and don't even get me started on those bathrooms. Man, I remember when I was on my adventure revisiting this school: the bathrooms were still just as gross as ever: dirty toilets filled and stuffed with shit and toilet paper, the rims wet and dirty, paper towels all around, thrown in sinks and all around the bathroom. No one flushes the toilet. Some went to the bathroom ON the toilet or urinal.

The substitute teachers had it tons worse there. Kinda similar to what juvie is like (not that I've been there). Basically, since they were handling raw animals and didn't know how they were like particularly, it was hell time for them. I bet you can imagine the ruckus and lack of work that happened in the classroom. One of my worst experiences with subs was with a permanent sub I had in Junior English. My English teacher had to leave to give birth to her second child. And she did the same thing in Freshman year with her first kid. Anyways, we had this permanent sub who's name I won't mention here just in case she reads my blog and remembers who I am. Anyways, not only was she a horrible teacher who didn't know how to help us kids with our work, or at least help those who wanted to work--which was less than 5 of us--, she couldn't even control her class! We actually had a kid walk out after arguing with the teacher during the reading. (the dumbass ended up flunking the whole year). I had the same experience a year later in Geometry class. That class I was in was a permanent original teacher. We were declared the worst behaved class in the whole campus, and she ended up getting fired for not being able to control those monsters. She now teaches math at my college, and is much happier there since college students actually give a damn about school.

Even though my high school was declared the best in the high school district, we were still a piece of crap. Not just educational-wise. We had our literers, gangs, 250 giant bullies whom everyone hated, racism, fights at least once every 2 weeks, dirty everything, bees all around campus. My only safe haven was the library where no one went. Why? It's the library, of course! It was on the second floor of the building that also had the main offices, it had a balcony area, my friends were there, and bees never came up there 99% of the time. And I was away from all the hyenna vulture monsters of the school. Not to mention I had the library where it's quiet, and filled with computers and books.

My high school even cheats! Let me tell you a little story: I was a senior, and spirit week was coming up. So I thought: let's try it out for once! I got in my school colors with my Woodside shirt, beanie with the 3 colors (orange, black, and white), and black jacket. All us senior got in the main quad, and we supposedely had the most supporters. So seniors won, right? But later on, I found out that the vice-principal hired some students to pose as seniors so they could win. I was ashamed to have participated in that even though I wasn't the one posing as a fake senior.

Sophmore year made me give up on humanity for 2 years after a bad time with a weak sub in English class. Thank God college got me back up in faith.

A wise woman at college told me this: when it comes for the desire to learn, it's elementary and college students who have the most hunger for knowledge. Children have so much curiosity, and adults always want more. Something bad just happens in high school and maybe middle school, for some reason.

That's it for my rant and observation. The only other thing I can say is that it feels good to be with my own kind in college. And not all high schoolers are like this. Some of my friends who are still in high school are perfect examples of true learners.

Keep it strong.