Thursday, May 13, 2010

Avian Respects Monster Fish: The Shark

I'm an Eagle. Been that way my whole life. Nothing but the sky. However, I have respect for the sea. I love it, going in it. I'm part fish when I'm in the water. I'm all eagle, but I still enjoy the waters. It's complicated to explain even to myself, I guess.

I'm the king of the sky. But I admire the king of the 7 seas: the shark. Just like I dominate the sky and hunt from there, the shark does the same with the ocean. It's just as vast, the ocean. Just as beautiful and filled with food and life. The only sad thing is that the shark is vulnerable to human attackers while I'm safe in the sky and high mountains where I'm unreachable.

I have talons, he has teeth. I have wings, he has fins and a set of jaws that can crack anything.

As a human, I sport both symbols around my neck: an eagle necklace made of hold, and 2 shark's teeth: one modern, and one a fossil.

I may have tons of admiration for this monster, but no matter what, I'm loyal to the skies. I am all eagle.