Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back From The Sea

I know my name is Marin, which means water. I know that I love sharks, or at least respect them. But maybe that goes a bit too far, sometimes.

I kinda feel lately like I betrayed the sky. Here's why:

I wear 2 necklaces:

A gold eagle necklace
Sharktooth necklace, one that holds the 2 sharkteeth I promised to my future 2 children, Rowin and Maddox. And I swore on my life they wouldn't leave my neck until they go to my children's necks.

Most importantly, I wear both necklaces as symbols of my 2 favorite creatures, the kings of the sky and sea.

For a few days, my obession with sharkteeth from when I was 12 came back. I used to be addicted to these things, and I still am. I started collecting facts on them, desiring specific teeth like the Great White Shark's teeth, which I know have 6 years later. Had it for the past year or so.

There's one necklace I've worn since I was 12: the eagle. That's one I always kept on. I don't remember exactly what got me in love with these graceful birds, but I know that I wanna be exactly like one, have the ability to morph into an eagle when I need to. I used to imagine that the eagle necklace gave me the power to turn into an eagle.

Anyway, back to the story. I recently aquired 2 fossil shark teeth. One of which will stay with me forever after the 2 other teeth go to my children. But after I put all 3 teeth on, I started taking off the eagle necklace for a few days, thinking that it would be more comfy to carry around the 3 teeth around me. It felt comfy, actually.

But after a few days, I started feeling nostalgic for that necklace. It's my ultimate symbol and dedication to the king of the sky. I couldn't leave behind what I loved the most. So last night, I put it back on. Sure, it made lots of noise clanging with my sharkteeth, but it was good having both symbols back on me.

I love sharks, but my loyalty goes to the eagle who rules the skies. And either way, I'm keeping my promise that these 2 teeth stay on me till our children will receive my gift. And I'm gonna make sure that the eagle never leaves my neck again.