Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I just returned from 15 days in Mexico.

It was wonderful despite facing bug bites, heat, and crazy rain storms where you get really soaked, it was wonderful.

I got to chill with my cousins, playing with their puppies, learning to play bass guitar. I learned how to play La Bamba by Los Lobos (The Wolves).

Despite the fun I had, I realize that I really belong here in America. But I can't deny my roots, which I love.

Like I told my 90 year-old great-grandma, I belong to 2 lands. Who knows? I'll come back to Mexico on my own to see my cousins again, particularly my cousin, Liss. A year older who I relate more to. Her brothers are awesome, too. The oldest brother who is 2 years younger than Liss was the one who taught me bass guitar.

For now, I'll chill here in California till I decide to travel with my lady.

No place like home, dude.