Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Glint Of Steel And A Beacon Of Light

I've been depended on for some time, even since I joined the cyber world. So many have trusted me with secrets that would've normally gone to the grave, and it brings so much honor to my heart and makes me blush at the same time. lol.

But there are times when it can get too tiring. Like many have told me, I can't take on the job on being a therapist, not without a college degree, at least.

That doesn't mean I can't take on the job of being a supportive friend.

I don't care how tiring it gets. I strongly believe God put me on earth for this very purpose, and by God, I'm gonna fulfill my destiny. I love doing it, after all, helping those that trust me and no one else.

To this day, I don't know what it is that draws people to me like fireflies. It's my inviting charismatic aura, that much I know, for sure. But I can't even sense it, myself. Sometimes, I don't even feel like I do enough considering I lived a pretty sheltered life. But that doesn't matter to them, especially since my common sense can be just as powerful, too.

So I'm gonna keep going at it for life. Keep doing my rewarding job. Even if it doesn't come with pay and benefits. Friendship and love, that's my reward.