Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Metamorphis Direction

What society do I connect the term, metamorphosis with?

High school society.

All 4 years of high school were all like a book I read, a movie I watched. I felt both love and hatred for all of those around me.

My hatred for those I barely considered my own kind started at age 15 in English class, sophmore year. It made me lose hope in the future. It made me ask myself "These are the morons who are gonna run this world?"

That was when I pretty much lost hope.

When I graduated high school, I was surprised to see those who I once resented and doubted made it with me. There were also those my age who I knew were gonna do something with their lives. We all may be the same species, but many of our mentalities are different, more mature, more observant, anti-conformist. Most of these people were either close friends or those I talked to.

I remember reaching college at age 17. These were my people. Sure, they all smoked and still drank before age 21, but they still had a dream to chase, a life to head for; A good life, too.

My faith in humanity came back.

Then 2 years later, a wise woman once told me something that made totally sense to me:

It's mainly elementary and college students who are the most eager to learn, the ones with dreams. They're the ones we can truly count on. But in around middle and high school, something happens to all that. They lose direction. Something in that cocoon of theirs is screwing up their brains. It's all thanks to bad influences.

So once you're in metamorphosis, it's up to you to choose your own direction. If you choose the right path, you'll fly with the butterflies. If not, you'll fly, but you'll also face hell every single day of your life. It might also be your choice to die, but it ain't a good choice.

Keep in mind I don't stereotype every teenager out there. This is just from what I've seen perched on my tree. My eagle eyes see it all.

Either way, please make the right choices. Make the world a better place by not being like the screw-ups. Do this not for just the world even though you'd be making a difference. Don't do it just because I'm telling you to.

Do it for your benefit and well-being. You're doing yourself the favor, most of all.


Where am I going? What am I doing? Will I make it? How determined am I?

Only I and God Himself know those answers. But above all, I make the choices. But I need Him to guide me, as well.

Swim To The Moon.

From The Ashes Rises A Phoenix

Dave Mustaine, Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, J.K Rowling. These are several people I can describe with what I like to call "Phoenix."

A lot of people think that the way these people are, they must've been rich or something, right? Not really. Actually, many of these kinds of people have started with literally nothing. Well, maybe some with parents, but disfuctional ones, at the most. Some have been homeless begging for money on the streets of England.

But they all had a dream, an idea, feelings they wanted to express to the world. And that's just what they did. And guess what? J.K Rowling has so much money, she doesn't know where to keep it all!

You don't need money to become rich, or to start out in the path of success. It doesn't matter what your background is our what your previous decisions of your own or others have made. All you need is determination and dreams. And never stop till they become reality. If these kind of people can make it starting with nothing, you can, too. Just believe.