Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fuck Love Forever

I was a fool to think that this would ever last forever. It's all lies, all fake, fake promises.

Who would've thought a beautiful woman like her would've fallen for a loser like me? I should've learned my lesson years ago.

Love is just only meant for eternity. And it's only meant for a select group of people, like the 144,000 that will rule the earth with Christ.

If love is just meant to only last a little bit and just end with hundreds and hundreds of heartbreak, then I'm done looking. I'd rather remain a lonely virgin for life than experience heartbreak over and over again in my life. It's less pain, right? I'd rather not waste my time. All that talk of marriage and having children and being together and never leaving, all that's a bunch of bull crap that's revealed, in the end, and you realize that you wasted many precious moments and resources for nothing but pain and feelings of suicide that you'll get over and over again. I'd rather avoid all that.

Fuck love forever.


brenda-bunbury said...

what happened?

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