Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wake Up Dead

(Title inspired by song of same title by Megadeth)

The day I died, heart ripped out by a bite from the she-wolf in sheep's clothing, I became a ghost, lost of pride and heart. A former man now casting away his shell, never again to walk among the happy living.

I curse those with happy hearts, their souls contained in warmth, joined by hand, my arms, by lips. Everyday, I float among the living with constant reminders of the cause of my death and what I lost with it.

You say you didn't mean to be so cold. Your actions and words say otherwise today. You're an ice queen.

As far as I'm concerned, I should decide not to waste further time with someone who lies, teases, and with whom I hold no future with. A bitter price to pay for making me wake up dead.

As for me, I'll eventually go beyond the realms of death, where I'll never again be reminded of the happiness I lost in the living world. Everyday, I'll wake up dead.

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